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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Mrs. Tamara O'Brien Art, English, Social Studies, Social Justice
Ms. Kim Hunt Athletics Department Chair, P.E.
Mr. Cameron Kenis Band, Musical Theatre
Mrs. Ashley Dueckman English, Math
Mr. Andrew Macphail Fine Arts and Applied Skills Dept Chair, One-to-one Laptop Program Co-ordinator, Chemistry, AP
Mrs. Sharon Kehoe Foods
Mrs. Elizabeth Cousar French, Social Studies, English, IT
Mrs. Rebecca Toews Humanities Dept. Co-Chair, English, AP
Mrs. Tracy Wedel Humanities Dept. Co-Chair, French
Mrs. Phyllis Collins Learning Assistance
Mrs. Denise Silzer Learning Assistance
Mrs. Karen Hiebert Learning Assistance / ELL
Mr. Daniel Muller Math, Calculus, AP
Mr. Grant Gasser Math, Science, Drama, Media
Mr. Jim Domke P.E.
Mr. Ken Laity P.E.
Mr. Shawn Fedyna Physics, Psychology, AP
Mr. Carlton Haak Science Department Chair, Science, IT, Chemistry
Mr. Brock Currie Science, Biology, Chemistry, Leadership
Mr. Frank Muermann Social Studies
Mr. Sandy Lane Socials, IT, Media Art, Psychology
Mr. Joel Janzen Socials, Science
Mrs. Olga Ulyasheva Spanish, Planning
Mr. Brad Purves Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Math