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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Mr. Reg Gabriel Principal reg.gabriel [at]
Mr. Stan Wiebe Vice-Principal stan.wiebe [at]


Name Position Email
Ms. Alyson Lion Art (For T O'Brien) alyson.lion [at]
Ms. Kim Hunt Athletics Department Chair, P.E. kim.hunt [at]
Mr. Olexiy Koumpan Band, Music, Drama Olexiy.Koumpan [at]
Mrs. Ashley Dueckman English, Math ashley.dueckman [at]
Ms. Hala Elgammal English, Science (For A. Dueckmann) hala.elgammal [at]
Mr. Andrew Macphail Fine Arts and Applied Skills Dept Chair, Chemistry, AP andrew.macphail [at]
Mr. James Sanford Foods/CLE james.sanford [at]
Mrs. Tracy Wedel French tracy.wedel [at]
Mrs. Elizabeth Cousar French, English, Science, ADST elizabeth.cousar [at]
Mrs. Rebecca Toews Humanities Dept Chair, English, AP rebecca.toews [at]
Mrs. Phyllis Collins Learning Assistance phyllis.collins [at]
Mrs. Denise Silzer Learning Assistance denise.silzer [at]
Mrs. Brenda Mallory Learning Commons brenda.mallory [at]
Ms. Katie Jamieson LSS/ELL katie.jamieson [at]
Mrs. Tamara O'Brien Maternity Leave 2021 (Art) Tamara.OBrien [at]
Mr. Grant Gasser Math Department Chair, Math grant.gasser [at]
Mr. Daniel Muller Math, Calculus, AP daniel.muller [at]
Mr. Tanner Wellington P.E. tanner.wellington [at]
Mr. Shawn Fedyna Physics, Psychology, AP shawn.fedyna [at]
Mr. Brock Currie Science Dept Chair, Biology, Leadership brock.currie [at]
Ms. Erin Crawford Science, ADST erin.crawford [at]
Mr. Frank Muermann Social Studies, Law frank.muermann [at]
Mr. Joel Janzen Socials, Science joel.janzen [at]
Mrs. Olga Ulyasheva Spanish, Careers, Socials olga.ulyasheva [at]
Mr. Dan Spiers Wood / Metal dan.spiers [at]


Name Position Email
Mr. Colin Abernethy Counsellor colin.abernethy [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Ms. Heather Mielke Accounting and Finances heather.mielke [at]
Ms. Kendall Jones Clerical kendall.jones [at]
Mrs. Manisha Gupta EA manisha.gupta [at]
Ms. Samantha McCann EA samantha.mccann [at]
Mrs. Parminder Randhawa Library Technician parminder.randhawa [at]
Mrs. Jeven Randhawa Multicultural Worker jeven.randhawa [at]
Ms. Rebecca Leader Student Information rebecca.leader [at]