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Blog: Monday, January 4th, 2021

Principal's Message - December

By Andrew Macphail

Hello to our Traditional families!!

Recently, you have received some emails from the school about the Traditional Advisory Council starting up again. The first meeting is set for January 19th.

Both ATSS and ATMS will have 2 parents on the committee. From the ATMS PAC, Pawan Dhillon and Kamal Gill will be on the TAC, and from the ATSS PAC, Ivon Gill will be on the TAC. Presently at ATSS we are making a list of interested parents to fill the second spot. This link is where parents go to put your name on the list. We initially said we would close this on Wednesday night, but with some issues with access to the link, we will keep the link open until Sunday night. Then we will do a random draw of the interested parents and finalize our parent members of TAC. All the members from the 5 Traditional schools (King Elem, South Pop Elem, Auguston Elem, ATMS, and ATSS) will meet with a focus to the future. There will be 2 students, 2 parents, and 2 staff from each school plus admin. The task will be to spend time on a refresh of the 10 Tenets. Please sign up at the link below if you are interested in being on the TAC.

Traditional Advisory Council - Sign Up Form