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Blog: Friday, February 1st, 2019

Principal's Message - January 2019

By Andrew Macphail

We have just finished our first semester and begun our second. Our report cards will be sent home with students on Fri. Feb. 1 so please be looking for them and follow up to see how your son or daughter is doing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your teachers. By now students have settled into their new courses for the second semester and our counselor, Mr. Abernethy has worked hard to accommodate changing student requests.

Our basketball teams are all coming towards the end of their seasons and we are looking for playoff success. As you will see further down, our Gr. 9 girls under the coaching of Mr. Dhillon and Mr. Virk just completed a very successful ATSS tournament coming in first. Congratulations girls. The playoffs will be starting this weekend for our Jr. Boys team and the Sr. boys are currently in a weekend tournament at Saint Jean Brebeuf having won their first game by a wide margin.

We are looking to combine our semester 1 awards with our mid year grade review assemblies. Please look for the dates as we will be sending them out by e-mail and synervoice when they are finalized as it will be in the next week or so. We want to recognize our sports teams, those who have achieved Principal’s List of all courses over 90% from last year and our current academic and effort honour role students from the first semester. We would certainly welcome parents to join us for those assemblies.

Further to this we are considering an essential parent meeting in the next month or so to cover some important topics and concerns we have here at ATSS. One of the things we are finding out is that we are having difficulty connecting with some of you as parents as at times student progress comes as a surprise to you. We want to see what we can do to better our communication with you as parents and also provide some professional insight into some of the issues facing our young people currently which we feel would be important for you as parents to know. We would also appreciate any feedback you have as parents as to what you think would be important to cover. We will provide more detailed information on this in the weeks to come.

As always if you have questions about your son or daughter’s progress or performance or concerns about what is happening, don’t hesitate to contact their teacher or Mrs. Webster or myself in the office. Looking forward to a great semester.

Sincerely, Glen Hildebrand, Principal, ATSS