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Blog: Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Principal's Message - May

By Andrew Macphail

Exciting news to share with the school community about our Traditional Tenets:

The Abbotsford District Traditional Advisory Committee (DTAC) has been meeting regularly throughout this year and in our last meeting we reviewed a draft of the revised 10 Tenets of Traditional. This group of students, parents, teachers, admin, and district admin looked closely at the wording and meaning of all 10 revised tenets and made further recommendations on the wording for the final document. The revised tenets will soon be published, hopefully before this school year comes to a close. Soon after will begin a process, particularly for admin and teachers at the five Traditional schools, to look closely at each revised tenet and understand the implications that the tenets will have on our daily practice in our classrooms, other learning spaces, and hallways. Please stay tuned for the revised tenet information.

Thanks to the students, parents, and staff at ATSS who participated in this process!!

Mr. Reg Gabriel