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Blog: Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Principal's Message - October 6

By Andrew Macphail

Hello Titan families!!

As you are all aware, 2020 is not a normal year! Aside from shopping with masks and trying to stay home, and avoiding shaking hands, and seeing less of our friends and family, school is in and this looks different too.

Staggered starts in the morning for each grade and staggered dismissal in the afternoon is something to get used to and our students are attending only for 1/2 days for the most part, with some days students attending their afternoon blended class face-to-face. It all seems so strange!

However, as time goes by, week by week, the routine is settling in, and students know where to go and when to go and teachers are making the most of 3-hour classes in the morning. These routines will get even better over time.

What has stayed the same is the passion for teaching and learning that we see in the classrooms at ATSS. Focused instruction is a norm for ATSS and this consistency helps create a calm and steady culture at ATSS that helps make our school a great place to learn, to teach, and to belong. THANK YOU!!


To all the parents who have been impacted by the decision to not provide buses this year....

This has made getting our children to school so much harder, but from what I see, families and friends have been able to do some carpooling, and workplaces have allowed for parents to leave work and head back to work after bringing children home. Having no buses is certainly not ideal, but so far, we have managed to pull off this feat of getting our students to and from school. We realize this is a big challenge for some families and you have our appreciation and thanks for your commitment to Traditional.


The ATSS first PAC meeting of the year will be held virtually on Thursday Oct 8 at 7:00 PM. Click here for the zoom link. We really do need to get some key positions filled on the PAC for the year. Every year the ATSS PAC receives thousands of dollars from the Provincial government to help out the students and teachers, but this money only comes to ATSS if we have a functional PAC in place; your participation is essential!! We hope to see you soon. As the opportunities for parents to engage with ATSS in a "Parents as Partners" relationship this year will be less than normal, our PAC is a place where you make a difference!!


At this point we are hearing that the seismic upgrade scheduled for ATSS has a May 1 start date, so more information will be shared about plans at a later date. I recently met representatives of the companies involved in the seismic project and everyone is excited to make our campus better. Have a great October everyone!!

Mr. Gabriel