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Blog: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Principal's Summer Message

By Andrew Macphail

Well the year is over and we are now all planning and/or anticipating the summer break. I want to wish each of you a safe and restful summer.

I want to take the time to thank all of those who worked hard to complete this school year in terms of grad events such as Convocation, Grand March and Prom, Year End Student Awards, Athletic Banquet and Awards, Final Exams and Demonstrations of Learning, and the pushing to complete assignments and prepare for tests, etc. This list includes our vice-principal, clerical staff, teachers, students and parents. All of our events went off without any problems and in fact they went very smoothly thanks to these efforts. We were proud of our students and their performance and achievements as evidenced in these various events. Again thank-you all.

It is always a special time to see our grads all dressed up in preparation for the Grand March and Prom. The great display of vehicles who stop and unload the grads and their dates is something to behold. Thanks to our grads, to our school liaison officer, Cst. Dyck and the APD who kept the time safe and enjoyable for all. Well done grads. The scholarships achieved by our grads is something for them and their families to be truly proud of. Again well-done.

As you prepare for the summer, I want to wish all of our grads well in their next steps. Some will be off to universities and colleges, others to work and perhaps even some will embark on a travelling schedule prior to determining their next steps. Our new school year will begin with Gr. 11 and 12s coming in to meet with our school counsellor over changes needed in course selection for the start of the year. As we have had over 125 students registered for summer school this year it will have a significant effect on our next year’s timetable. Our Gr. 11s and 12s LINK crew will be working with Mrs. Webster at welcoming our Gr. 9s with an orientation day in our building to meet in the last week before school starts. We will be starting the new school year with several team building and outdoor type challenges for the different grades. We will provide more information as the time comes. Also, over the summer we will be mailing out our summer letter giving details for the upcoming school year start. You should expect this letter in the second or third week of August.

Parents, again thank-you all for your support for the Traditional School System and for our school in particular as we have endured the indecision of our future, during seismic upgrading scheduled to begin sometime in the next year. We are not sure if the Ministry of Education will approve this latest proposal from the district, but we are hoping so as it will keep us on location while the upgrading happens. We will keep you posted as soon as we know the details of this decision. Until then, have a great summer and please be safe as we look forward to having all of our students return safely in the fall.

Yours sincerely,

Glen Hildebrand, Principal, ATSS