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Grade 12 Computer Collection

Grade 12 computers need to be collected before the end of regularly scheduled classes. 
The computers will be collected on Thursday June 14th starting the first block of the day, and should be done by lunch. Here is some important information:

What do you need to do?

  • Bring your COMPUTER AND CHARGER that day (we need the chargers in order to do the imaging)
  • Make sure your computer and charger are labelled with your name on both
  • Backup any work or files that you need for studying (anything in google drive is still online, it is just the files stored on your computer you need to backup such as word documents and pictures)
  • Come down when called! Listen to the PA announcements which will be alphabetical by last name.
  • Pay the $10 buyout if you are buying out the computer. Mrs. Reimer will be adding the fee to school cash online soon, so it can be paid anytime after it is online.
  • See Mr Macphail or Mr Haak if you have any questions

What is being done?

The computers are being factory imaged so the software that they came with will be restored. All passwords and restrictions will be removed. District software (office suite, CS suite etc) has to be removed for licensing purposes.

When will they be ready?

As soon as possible. The district tech will start working on them as soon as they are handed in. As long as everything goes smoothly, the plan is to have them ready for pickup from the office before the end of the school year. Stayed tuned to announcements that will happen when they are ready.

Location: Library / Learning Commons