Advanced Placement

What is Advanced Placement?

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a joint curricular endeavor between secondary schools and colleges and universities. AP, sponsored by the College Board, offers standardized courses to high school students that are recognized as equivalent to undergraduate post-secondary courses.  Students earning high enough scores on the AP exam qualify for either university credit or advanced placement.

Looking to see what AP Exam Score is required to recieve credit for first year courses at various post-secondary institutions? Click here.



Honours/Advanced Placement Courses Offered

Grade 10 courses are designed to prepare all students for the rigor and content of Advanced Placement Courses.


  • English 10 
  • English 11 Pre-AP
  • English 12 AP


  • Math 10 
  • Math 11 Pre-AP
  • Math 12 Pre-AP
  • Calculus 12 AP


  • Science 10 
  • Chemistry 11 Pre-AP
  • Chemistry 12 AP
  • Physics 11 AP
  • Physics 12 AP
  • Psychology 12 AP