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One to One Computer Program

The one-to-one computer program has been in place since the school opened in September 2004 and this has placed ATSS at the leading edge of notebook computer programs in B.C. and North America. School goals related to achievement, and the motto, “Our Future – Our Responsibility,” and the slogan, “Traditional Values + Progressive Education = ATSS,” are supported by the one-to-one notebook computer program.

Every student at ATSS uses a notebook computer as an education tool. Many assignments are provided in digital format and students regularly use computer applications to complete school work. Communication, including a district email account, collaboration, access to multimedia tools, and research capabilities are important uses of the computers at school. ATSS provides a wireless network with monitored internet access. All classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and teachers use Tablet PC computers to further support and provide enriched learning experiences for students.

Computers are regularly inspected by teachers for appropriate use and content. Educational and technical support is provided as part of the program.

Grade 9-11

Grade 9, 10, and 11 students at ATSS use chromebook computers. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure Grade 9 -11 students use a chromebook computer that is purchased and owned by the family. This will apply to Gr 12 students in 2018-19 as students progress through high school.

Grade 12

Families lease (rent-to-own) a PC notebook computer from the school district over their four years at ATSS. Parents and students must sign a computer usage agreement. Students are responsible for the computer at all times and take the notebook computers home to provide access to technology at all times to enhance their education.

  • Computers are collected at the end of the school year in June for reimaging and maintenance and handed out again in September. Students keep the same computer from year to year. The computer comes with a comprehensive 3 year warranty that covers most accidental damage. The school facilitates repair issues and provides loaner computers to students.
  • All student computers have the complete Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access, Media creation software such as Adobe CS6 suite and Premiere, along with many other programs that are used to research, create, and demonstrate learning in multiple ways.