Graduate Feedback on the Computer Program

  • Without the laptop program I would have never had the chance to learn much about computers and technology. Now in my first year at UFV I have used this knowledge to further develop my programming in C++. On a more artistic level I have used techniques learned in high-school to create digital presentations for projects; some rendered in three dimensions others created in 2-D. This is all extremely useful in any engineering program.     -Braighton P.-

  • The laptop program gave me skills with computers that has helped me with my university life, my job life, and my home life. If not for the laptop program I would have next to no skills on a computer, and I probably wouldn't be able to do many things that have helped me pass my courses for example the three dimensional structures of molecules I needed for my chemistry class. It has also helped me out in my free time when I edit the photos for my art.     -Jared O.-

  • The skills I have obtained through the one-to-one laptop program at ATSS has proven to be very beneficial for me as a business student. Experience with the Microsoft suite of programs has helped me achieve professional quality papers and projects, which my peers struggle to perfect. The basic experience of note taking on laptops has enabled me to take notes of better quality which lead to higher marks. The laptop program has equipped me with skills to cope with the changing world of technology, and the ability to be comfortable with technology in a professional manner.     -Ravina S.-

  • As someone who is looking towards digital media as a career, I found the one on one laptop program provided at ATSS to be very beneficial. By having the tools available in high school to learn about digital media’s uses and practices, I am equipped with knowledge beyond other students at my university that are in the same course level as myself. The programs and techniques I was taught to use with the help of these laptops has given me that extra edge that I needed to get a strong foothold in this competitive and demanding industry.     -Brittney C.-

  • The One to one laptop program at high school level brought technology at our fingertips which improved our researching skills which are to vital for university paper writing. For subject areas like biology, psychology and media arts, access to advanced programs like dreamweaver, photoshop etc . during lectures was essential for deeper understanding of the course.     -Vineet S.-

  • The one-to-one laptop program was an incredible opportunity unique to Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School, and because of this program, I was able to learn invaluable skills that I have utilized repeatedly in my first year of post-secondary education. I have found that my abilities regarding Power Point and Microsoft Word are vastly superior to my fellow students, and my professors have noticed as well. The chance to interact with technology on a daily basis has ensured that when I finally enter the workforce I will feel confident in my abilities to use the provided software with minimal coaching, and this assurance is something that any and every employer appreciates. These accomplishments make my resumé memorable, and with the current economic climate, the distinctive boost that the one-to-one laptop program has given me ensures that I will have no problems finding a position within my chosen field.     -Alyssa D -